8" 210mm Single Bevel Compound Mitre Saw 230V

Our best selling Powerful but compact 8 inch single bevel mitre saw.
1500w but weighs in at only 10KG.

Product Code: SCMS210SB

More Info £89.99

10" Double Bevel Mitre Saw

This powerful saw, with is 2000w motor comes with a double bevel and still only weighs 20KG.
All this at a fraction of the price of its competitors.

Product Code: SCMS254DB

More Info £149.95

8" Bench Top Table Saw

Designed for Maximum Mobility and Minimum Storage space.

A compact but powerful table saw for cutting all types of wood accurately and cleanly at a variety of angles.

Product Code: BTS210

More Info £84.95

10" Table Saw with side extensions base

The powerful 1800w Lumberjack 10" table saw can be freestanding or bench top.
It comes complete with a cross stop and angle scale for making precision angled cuts (+/- 60 degrees).

Product Code: TS254SL

More Info £109.94

10" 1500w Table Saw

The perfect entry level table saw. This superb saw is packed with an abundance of features and is fantastic for all types of material cutting. With its all new unique dust extraction system its perfect for any environment.

Product Code: TS254EL/S

More Info £109.99

10" Folding Banch Table Saw

An easily moveable portable work horse. The perfect mobile Table Saw for anybody that requires accurate efficient cuts of all types of timber sections and boards without carrying around a large & heavy bench top saw.

Product Code: TS254SW

More Info £219.95

10" Premium Table Saw

Tradesmans 10" premium table saw with an induction motor and an aluminium top. It comes with side and rear extensions and is manufactured with only the most robust components available.

Product Code: TS254SE

More Info £239.95

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