6 Piece Glass & Tile Drill Bit Set

6 piece Tile and Glass drill bit set in a metal case.

Product Code: DBS6

More Info £9.99

17 Piece HSS Drill Bit Set

17 Piece titanium coated HSS drill bit set in a handy self lock grip case.

Product Code: DBS17

More Info £9.99

29 Piece Driver Bit Set

This useful and versatile set contains popular and commonly used screwdriver bits, bit holders and nut drivers.

Product Code: DBS29

More Info £9.99

150 Piece Drill Bit set

This 150 Piece Drill Bit Set includes bits suitable for drilling into many different surfaces including masonry, wood, metal and plastics along with an array of different bits for nut driving, hole making and allen keys .

Product Code: DBS150

More Info £19.99

46 Piece Drill Set

This handy 46 piece accessory set contains HSS, Masonry and wood bits plus a great range of screwdriver bits. All popular sizes are included.

Product Code: DBS46

More Info £14.99

200mm Digital Angle Rule

A great tool suitable for all trades. Measures angles quickly and accurately with its 2 x 200mm steel rules.

Product Code: DAR200

More Info £14.99

70mm Corner Chisel

This corner chisel is used for knocking out rounded corners from a routed hinge recess. Hit once with a mallet and pare out waste. Quick and efficient.

Product Code: CC70

More Info £9.99

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